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Hawke is going to a former Vietnam War pal named Greg Stewart and finds him inside the midst of a child custody battle involving him and his ex-spouse, Rainey. The battle results in being a lot more complicated when Greg's abundant mother Martha, gets concerned and refuses to release the child from her custody at her ranch.

Hawke is interrupted throughout a friend's ceremony when Archangel comes to tell him that Hawke is suspected in a very teach theft the place the burglars made use of a Santini Air helicopter and a weapon comparable to one Airwolf carries, to prevent the train. Hawke, Santini and Caitlin are baffled when the FBI finds the getaway chopper, complete with a number of bullet holes, parked at Santini's hangar as even further evidence. Archangel works by using his benefits to help Hawke approximately he can but then He's dismissed within the F.

The Captain on the NYPD 12th Precinct and his team manage the different neighborhood difficulties and figures that arrive into your squad area.

Interference forces Jo and Mike to land around an isolated town, exactly where they uncover contraband weaponry.

I have an odd memory about Airwolf. Once we had been residing in Norway during the 80’s, my grandmother would mail tapes of US television to us frequently. On one tape was the Motion picture Ghandi which I took to school and we watched in the course of a social experiments course. Promptly once the credits for Ghandi, an episode of Airwolf popped up as well as the acquainted concept music started up. Instantly the complete class perked up as well as the teacher acquired energized contemplating he was going to get to determine Airwolf.

An aged Vietnam War buddy invites Hawke to join his mercenary squad, but Hawke turns down the offer you. The friend then invites Hawke to an art showing, but upon receiving there, he finds himself betrayed and build for assassination as gunmen storm in and shoot up the place.

There may be good information to originate from Shout! Manufacturing facility this week, although it isn't specifically something that would quantity to an Formal announcement... but it does suggest a superior chance that a launch is in truth website on the horizon. A different thread regarding the series All while in the Family includes a reaction from Brian Ward with regards to Brian Blum's intention to incorporate a retrospective episode from your ninth season over a upcoming release of the series.

The strategy driving Airwolf was a supersonic armed helicopter that would be disguised as being a civilian auto—"a wolf in sheep's clothing".

A double of Dominic, witnessed only with the again, was killed off in an explosion; Archangel was explained to obtain all of a sudden been assigned abroad; and no mention was made of Caitlin.

No extras all over again with this launch and a couple of episode teasers are missing, the a person from  "Salvage" along with the one for "Within the Double"  I am Doubtful why that is the situation since i have them on VHS, They may be out their.

Hawke and Mike uncover via television that a madman (Dick Van Dyke) desires all diseased people quarantined so they can no longer contaminate the planet. Airwolf is sent to research. The madman finds out about Airwolf and threatens to poison the Pacific whether it is employed against him.

The girl recovers but has check here lost all memory of who she's or what occurred to her. Uncovering her id, click here Hawke learns that she is a drug addicted prostitute but has no clue why an individual needs her dead. In the event the thugs master she remains to be alive, they appear to finish The task also to eliminate the only real witness, Hawke.

Over a covert surveillance mission, Airwolfs scanners detect a large plume of radioactive gas getting vented in the nuclear here electricity plant at Stavograd,Airwolf Seasons 1-four DVD Russia. A fresh element at the ability plant has failed as well as engineers can not quit the risky gas leak which is threatening the life of thousands and thousands.

A Entire world War two Japanese fighter pilot comes to the U.S. seeking revenge for your war incident involving St John's father.

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